Job Title : Videographer

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We are looking for a self motivated Videographer who has strong interest in documentation of intangible heritage and is looking forward to doing a research work in the same area. This will be one of the most unique opportunity to work in a historical city of Patan and live among the local Newar community, study about their lives and culture and document 3 topics related to cultural heritage of Patan. The unique experience will be different than the contents of lonely planet, rough tourist or trip advisor. You wil get an opportunity to meet experts with diverse field of expertise like architecture, history, religion, spirituality, technology, tourism, culture etc.

Scope of Services

  • Make a plan to collect video data from a cultural event, interview or focus groups and carry out the plan
  • Assist researchers in filming videos of a cultural event, interview or focus groups
  • Edit the videos to produce short films for teaching material and a digital media
  • Produce videos that will be useful for digital media like mobile app or kiosk
  • Produce videos for teaching and learning


  • Bachelors or Masters Degree
  • Professional training in Photography, videography and video editing skills
  • Background of film making, media studies
  • Interest in archeology, culture, fine arts or history
  • Letter of Motivation