Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we do the following activities:

03 April 2016 to present: Changed lives of two Earthquake victim girls of Nuwakot:

Chlid: Kusum Gurung, 8 yrs, Class 2, Father: Hari Gurung 
Kusum lives in Bidur 3. In the April 25th Earthquake, Kusum was taken out of the debris of her residence while her one sister and one brother died on the spot buried. A landless and homeless poor Hari was taking shelter in a piece of public land managed by local people for a period of time near the roadside. Outlines Research and Development has been supporting financially for Kusum’s school’s admission fee, monthly fee, stationery and uniform since B.S. 2072. Kusum currently studies in Kalyankari Vidhya Mandir, Bidur, Nuwakot at class four. Outlines Research and Development provides up to Rs. 25,000/- yearly for her education.


Child: Samjhana Lamichhane, age 11 class 4, Budhasingh 8 
Mother Sita Lamichhane had a small cottage type house, fell down. her husband abandoned her, she is a labour for her only hand to mouth. It is a big question for her to erect a house again. she now has decided to discontinue her daughter's education from her school and use her in labour for their living but the child wants to go to school with other friends so Outlines Research and Development supported her financially and has been paying for her school’s admission fee, monthly fee, stationery and uniform since 2072 B.S. She currently studies in Shree Souvenir Boarding School, Bidur-3, Battar, Nuwakot at class six. Outlines Research and Development provides up to Rs. 25,000/- yearly for her education.

03 April 2016 : T-shirt and scholarship distribution to Earthquake affected people at Nuwakot

The April 2015 Nepal earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000 people. In order to help earthquake affected people Outlines Research and Development took initiative by designing and selling t-shirts to generate some funds. Rs. 57,078/- was generated which was spent to support two children from Nuwakot named; Kusum Gurung and Samjhana Lamichhane for their education. Kusum and Samjhana both were directly affected by the earthquake and urgent need of financial help to continue their studies.

T-shirt distribution program was organized at Bidur, Nuwakot on 2072-12-21 where we distributed about 200 t-shirts to earthquake affected people. Scholarship to two needy students were also announced on the same day. The program was coordinated by Sahayatri Nepal and COBDESOR and supported by Outlines Research and Development.

01 Jul 2016 to present: Support to Home based Women of Nagbahal


We have been supporting Home based Women of Nagbahal, Patan on their Hamro Kosis project by conceptualizing the project, giving management and technical support on tailoring training, fashion design, new product line development and marketing. There are more than 100 women who are directly involved in the initiative.

Free Trainings on Computers to Women from different parts of Nepal

  • Kailali
  • Lalitpur

Help various language communities in Computation

We have been supporting the computation for various language groups like Bhojpuri, Lohorung and Nepali Bhasha, through our Language Support Initiatives.