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IT Consulting

We have a team of technical experts who have experience in implementing IT systems in many institutions including Government Agencies, University, Colleges, Schools, NGOs and INGOs. We love open source and try to use them as much as possible while still keeping the enterprise level support that most of our clients need. We give our clients consultation of pragmatic solutions to their problems at very reasonable prices.

Information Systems

We expertise in design, development, roll out, operationalisation and technical support in implementation of Information Systems. We have successfully implemented mid and large scale information systems in the diverse area like financial monitoring, student examination or stopping girl trafficking. We provide our clients a one stop solution to deploy information systems from conceptualisation to deployment phases.

Product Design

We give IT based product research and development services for various local and International Clients. Some of the products we have designed are the Patan Heritage Walk Kiosk and Mobile Apps, Hotel Self Check In services using Raspberry Pi and Senseboard Handheld devices. We can work virtually and give services to the customers irrespective of their geographical locations.

Business Consulting

Being a technology based company, our business consulting is focuses on technology based solutions. We help our clients to improve their business processes to meet the market demand using Information Technology and better business workflows. Though, we can work virtually and give services to the customers irrespective of their geographical locations, we prefer to work face to face when it comes to business consulting.

Social Media and Digital Promotion

We also provide consultations for content creation and social media promotion to our valued customers and help our clients to reach their market via social media and digital promotion. We expertise in social marketing using Facebook,Twitter and Instagram. We can work virtually and give services to the customers irrespective of their geographical locations.

Capacity Building and Training

We provide on demand technical and vocational training on the following areas:

  • Basic computation training
  • Local Tour Guide Training
  • Graphic & Web Design Training
  • Internships in Software Development and IT

These trainings are mostly in person trainings but they can organized virtually as well.

Graphic and Communication Design

We love design and have specialized team of designers in the field of graphic, communication, web and product design. We work a lot in traditional media like print but also work in media like web, smart phones, television or kiosks. We can work virtually and give services to the customers irrespective of their geographical locations. For print designs, we can print them in Kathmandu and ship it worldwide at a competitive price.

Software Design and Development

We are a software development company which works only in open source technologies like Java, PHP, Javascript, Android or Python. We develop software and apps for servers, desktops, web, mobile phones and embedded systems and follow Kanban Method for the development management. We use open source databases like Postgresql, MariaDB, MySQL or MongoDB. We use frameworks like Spring-Hibernate, Code Igniter, Angular JS, React JS, React Native, Bootstrap etc. We maintain our codes in our own Cloud based gitlab repository, which is the primary tool for communications. We can work virtually and give services to the customers irrespective of their geographical locations.

New Sectors

We are among the very few consulting companies which give services on the areas of Conservation, Cultural Tourism Development and Disaster Management. We expertise and are interested in historical site conservation, disaster management and regeneration with the help of cultural tourism development. We have even developed our own method on this and already piloted the method at the Historical City of Patan in the Kathmandu Valley. We love to work on site on these new sectors and can provide services world wide at a competitive price.

Sectors We Cater



Local Governments, Provincial Governments, Federal Governments & their agencies.



Universities, Research Labs, Colleges, Schools & Kindergartens.



NGOs, INGOs, Development Partners, Community Based Organizations, Guthi, Non-profit Trust & Non-profit Clubs


Finance and Cooperatives

Grass root Cooperatives & Banking Sector.



Hotels, Travel Agencies, Bookings, Travel mate Applications & Community based Tourism.


Startups and SMEs

Product design Companies, Service design Companies, Business & Service Sector.

Where We Work


We are a global service provider beyond Nepal.

Why Hire Us?

World Class Service at a reasonable price

Our company is run by visionaries who have been educated in Europe and who have been working with the clients from around the globe. We have a working culture that focus on timely delivery, professional quality and good communication with the clients. We are one of the few companies of Nepal who are focused on research, development and consulting work in the area of Management, Information Technology, Capacity Building and Project Development & Implementation. We have professional workforce which match our area of expertise and who deliver the services at a world class standard. Beyond that, our prices are reasonable and we give the best price value returns to our clients.

Efficient Processes

We use Kanban method for project management. We are among the very few companies in Nepal who use User centered design for our IT based service and product development, which focuses on Users and their needs.


Equal Opportunities

In Nepal, we have more than 126 ethnic groups with more than 200 languages. There are many unprivileged groups within who do not have equal opportunities. Women are among the most hard working but yet the most marginalized group. We give equal opportunities to the talented people irrespective of their ethnic, language, gender, religious and geographical backgrounds. Most importantly, we promote women in the best possible way. In fact we are among the very few Consulting companies in Nepal who have more female work force than male.


Fair Trade

We believe in fairness and we follow the ten principles of the world fair trade organization. We give the best possible return to the people we hire. Today we are among the top salary providers in the Nepali industry and we try to pay back our staffs not just monetarily but in other ways we can. We do not support child labor and strongly advocate human rights at work place.

Green Energy

We believe in greener way of doing business. Almost 85% of the Main Grid Electricity of Nepal is generated using renewable energy like hydropower, solar power or wind power. In our work offices, we use AC Main Grid as the primary power while we use solar power as an alternative backup power. By working with us, we assure you that you are also investing in the greener and sustainable future of the world.

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