About us

Outlines Research & Development is a research and consulting company working in various sectors like Government, Finance, Cooperative, Education,Tourism, Development and Private sectors. We expertise in the area of Management, Information Technology, Capacity Building and Project Development & Implementation. We have recently started exploring in the area of Conservation, Cultural Tourism Development and Disaster Management.

Our mission is to inspire better Nepali living standards through skills, technology and management.

Our Goal is to create self sustaining community businesses and environment where such businesses can thrive


  1. by capacity building in livelihood skills of grassroots based on the new market demands, new market trends and new technology or methods in the area of tourism, cooperatives, agriculture, craft work and information technology
  2. by promoting the products and services of the skilled grassroots, especially women, to the world market and connecting them with the potential buyers using our expertise in tourism, marketing, financial, management and information technology
  3. by providing consultation to the Government, Cooperatives, Education, Tourism, Development and Private Sector in policy making, project development, management and implementation, roll out and operationalization of IT systems, design, development and promotion of grassroots related products and services